Why Airlines Should Be Using Skygoody

If the past year taught us anything, it was to enjoy the little pleasures and take care of the important people in our lives. No industry learned this lesson like the airline industry. With all that's happened recently in the airline industry, it's the ideal time for airlines to embrace Skygoody.

We're so glad you asked.

  • Passengers need a drink.​ Hell, we all need a drink. Or at least a snack. By the time a passenger jams their messenger bag under the seat in front of them, they've been scanned, questioned, patted down, and likely had to sprint through O'Hare (is there anything worse than sprinting through O'Hare?) all while wearing a mask. And most of the airport bars are closed.
    Travel in the time of Covid is especially stressful - passengers, and the people who love them, are all looking for a way to blow off some steam. A passenger with a pleasant buzz or full belly, gifted from a caring friend, is a happy passenger, and a happy passenger isn't likely to go on a 27-tweet-rant about their flying experience. Just sayin'.
  • There's a whole ground-bound market waiting to give you money. Airlines know how to get money from the 250 passengers on each flight, but millions more non-passengers can be reached through Skygoody. With many flights less-than-full these days, airlines should maximize the value of each seat by offering a service to their passengers' friends.
  • Flight attendants don't want to touch grubby money​. I mean, seriously. Who does? Many stores won't even accept cash anymore, and credit cards are nearly as nasty. With germ-awareness higher than it's ever been (and for good reason), why would an airline want flight attendants to assume that risk? Skygoody offers no-touch scanning, and Goodies can be redeemed without the flight attendant coming into contact with a passenger's phone. And, because flight attendants are an integral part of our business, we'll help their unions make sure every flight attendant gets the money they deserve for every hour he or she works, whether the plane's doors are open or closed. We're team players like that.
  • No declined sales. ​Airlines can't run credit cards until the flight lands. That means that gin and tonic is long gone, hours before Bill from Omaha's credit card gets declined. But with Skygoody, the charge always goes through—because the purchase is made upfront. The airline is happy, Skygoody is happy, and Bill is very happy. Everybody wins.
  • People want to love each other.​ Until now, there has been no way for friends and family members to show their love to their flying friend. The best they could do was a weak side hug in the drop-off lane at the airport. Now, with Skygoody, they can send an in-flight surprise. It's the cheapest, easiest way for a boss to say, "I'm sorry you have to take the red-eye for the presentation," or for a boyfriend to say, "I'm really proud of you—please don't leave me when you get promoted." Skygoody's never expire, and they can be used with any participating airlines.

Offering Skygoody service costs airlines nothing while welcoming in an entirely new customer base and maximizing every seat's potential revenue.

Better, it just makes customers happy. I mean, who doesn't get happier after receiving an unexpected gift? (No one.) And after the year we've all had, can't we all use some happiness?